Custom Poured Silver Information

Replica Cannons


We can design and create a custom working Cannon to your style choice.

Civil War Cannon


Pick your style- each one will be unique silver art

Rolling Tray


You can choose your metal, your style and we will create a metal art Rolling Tray an unique as you

Jar Holder


You choose the metals and the design

Log Bar Design


Do you need a log bar?

 We can do that! Logo bar design services-

Send us your ideas and we can make a logo bar that you can recreate as needed

Fidget Spinners


We offer Custom single or double Fidget Spinner. Silver is fun to hold!

We offer Custom Pieces


If you have an idea for a piece you would like, please contact us and we will work with you to see if we can make your idea come to life. 

Service Badges


Commemorate a loved one by casting their service badge in silver, send us your badge and we will cast it in .999 silver.

Custom Last Drink Bottle


We will pour and stamp a mini bottle of liquor and mark it with the date of your last drink.

Custom Succulent Gardens


We can create a stunning centerpiece designed to hold plants and flowers, give us a theme and metal choices, we can fit any budget. 

Each Custom Piece comes with a Free Video


Each Custom Metal Art Piece comes with a personalized video as we pour it for you.

Fast shipping and Great packaging


All our pieces are hand packed and secured so your items arrive in their original condition